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      KNIT Cozy Seat

      SKU: 17202492


      • Can be used year round as it perfectly fits both indoors and outdoors.
      • A seamless merger of 3D design and favorite knitting patterns.
      • Easy to care for thanks to its resin construction.


      Just like Grandma used to make, only oversized, incredibly durable, and super fun. The Cozie seat combines a familiar and beloved knitted pattern with a flexible resin that transforms knitwear into durable furniture. This seat comes in a variety of colors you’ll love and can be used indoors or outdoors.

      Product features

      • Durable enough for the outdoors, and stylish enough for inside the house or on the patio.
      • Can stand up to all weather conditions.
      • Comes in a variety of colors.


      w 56.5 cm
      d 56.5 cm
      h 31.6 cm


      w 57.5 cm
      h 58.0 cm
      d 32.0 cm

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