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      Oakland is the only resin shed you can paint. Oakland is maintenance-free resin shed made of a unique compound which enables the wall-panels to be painted. The shed can be used in its original color, or the walls can be painted to match your landscape, deck, patio, or outdoor setting. Prior to painting, refer to the detailed care and maintenance instructions:

      • Type of paint: The walls of the shed can be painted with a waterbased acrylic paint for exterior use. Recommended: Solid, light shades, satin or semi-gloss finish. Consult with your color consultant or paint professional when choosing paint.
      • Application: Use a roller to apply the paint on the wall surface. Do not paint the beam-like cervices in the walls.
      • Do not paint windows, doors or door beam, roof, floor, or any other part of the shed.

      Keep in mind: Painting requires maintenance. After some time, repainting may be required.

      How to paint Oakland Duotech Shed

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