Sigma 18" - Solid, 5 Shelves

    SKU: 17189802


    • Resists rusting, staining, peeling, denting and other damage.
    • Open design provides easy access to items. Perfect for storing frequently used items in the garage.
    • Sizable shelves make it easy to store plenty of items.
    • Easy to assemble without requiring the use of any tools.


    Keep your storage options open. The Sigma 18” Five Tier shelving unit has five levels of storage, all in a sturdy and open design that provides easy access to your items. Each shelf, including the base, is 18"x36” providing lots of space for your stuff. This unit has an excellent durable build that resists dents, rust, peeling and other damage. 

    Product features

    • Durable and sturdy build
    • Five shelves
    • Up to 60Kg load capcity


    w 91.0 cm
    d 46.0 cm
    h 184.0 cm


    w 91.0 cm
    h 27.0 cm
    d 46.0 cm

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