WonderFold - Foldable Playhouse

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    • Easy to assemble. The pieces of this playhouse are easily snapped together and the entire thing can be assembled in 30 seconds.
    • This playhouse also has easy 2-step folding that turns the playhouse into a compact and convenient to carry suitcase-like shape.
    • When folded, this playhouse can be stored in a closet, under a bed and in a trunk, to name a few spaces.
    • The space-saving nature of this design makes it possible to give children a full, sturdy playhouse without taking up valuable space in a lasting way. It also makes it simple to make playtime portable, bringing the playhouse to friends’ houses or on vacation.


    A playhouse the parents will love as much as the kids. The Wonderfold playhouse features breakthrough playhouse technology that allows it to be quickly folded up and put away. The Wonderfold folds up to the size of a suitcase, perfect for under the bed or in a closet. Kids will love it too with its working doors, big open windows, and endless opportunities for imaginative play.

    Product features

    • Folds into a small, storable size
    • Working half-doors
    • Large windows
    • Weather-resistant
    • Made out of quality materials


    w 89.7 cm
    d 101.8 cm
    h 110.6 cm


    w 92.0 cm
    h 13.0 cm
    d 75.5 cm

    Assembly Instructions:

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